About Us

About Golden Bees Ltd.

Golden Bees Ltd (GBL) is a new age social business focused on providing a full-scale range of beekeeping products & services. Since July 2008, we are living in the times of our mission by leading the transformation of the beekeeping industry through rural smallholder beekeepers across Uganda and later on East Africa. Business modals, innovations & technological advances can bring about positive impact at grass-root level providing a “silver bullet” to complex social, economic & environmental issues associated with vicious cycles/syndromes at smallholder level and precisely Golden Bees is about sustainable impact.
We are currently working with over 2,128 smallholder beekeepers living in remote areas in Uganda through our out-grower scheme and are working towards strengthening this system through extension support network linked to our Honey shops (Manyatta/Bwindi Honey Shop) for forward & backward linkages.

Our Mission

“Spearhead the provision of top quality bee products and services premised on commercial smallholder beekeepers.”.