Our Services

Bee Keeping

Over the years we have managed to train over 3,000 beekeepers in Uganda alone cutting across the whole spectrum and enriching us with local content as regards to beekeeping. We have also extended our highly experienced technical skills to the region in South Sudan, D.R. Congo, Rwanda & Botswana. Our hands on approach, innovations and business modal separates us from the rest of the park moving ahead to be a guaranteed linkage as far as market is concerned.


We have worked with a couple of Organizations where we have taken on projects from start to finish creating sustainability & real impact especially with smallholder beekeepers by building and strengthening strong honey value chains in remote areas in Uganda. We have also help set up Honey plants especially out of Uganda for up coming small businesses and trained the on how to us e and manage this equipment.

What we Provide Produce

Apiculture Extension Services

GBL has a network of field extension officers, agents and lead Bee farmers. This system is utilized to provide free extensions advisory services to the thousands of Farmers spread out through the country.

Honey Shops

To support local enterprises, GBL partners with agents and farmers to run Honey shops which are also used for promoting Honey Tourism. These are also Beekeeper Extension points used for collection and marketing of their Honey Products

Farmer Co-Investment Scheme

GBL partners with farmers to create hives, raise productivity and sources lucrative markets for the Bee products

Practical Skilling and Business Development

Golden Bees ltd is currently involved in the implementation of several skilling programs in rural areas of Karamoja and Kisoro in partnership with Feed the Future . Using Gender inclusivity approaches, we have been able to skill Hundreds of rural smallholder Women Beekeepers in Modern Beekeeping techniques as well as in other Marketable enterprise skills such as "Bee Soap" Making, Candle Making, Skills in Arts and Crafts to mention but a few. We have a Lot to share with you as regards Improvement of rural household incomes through Beekeeping .